Benefits Iunas. Offices in the center of Chisinau (H2)


- Chisinau Center

- Sea transport

- Modern high-quality repairs

- Security 24 hours

- Innovative technologies

- Ventilation system that provides 4 times air exchange, heating and air conditioning

- High-speed Internet access.

- European Terrace roof



Heating: Condensing Boilers Wolf (Germany)

Mandik ventilation machines (Czech Republic)

Lifts MP (Spain)

escalators ThyssenKrupp (Germany)

Stairs made of granite

Wooden doors (Belarus)

AAA facade windows Reynaers (Belgium)

Guardian Glass (Germany)

interior - Baum (Austria)

Spanish tiles

Duravit sanitary (Germany)


  Why Iunas

Similar Iunas Chisinau technology built only 3 buildings.